Meet Mark

Mark is fighting for a thriving West Hollywood for all of us, not just wealthy developers.
Mark was born in the former USSR and lived through the "Perestroyka" period and the Soviet Union's subsequent break-up. He received a master's degree in Political Economy and, after moving to Chicago in 1996, studied Information Technology at DePaul University while working at downtown restaurants in the evenings. On completion of his studies, he joined the IT department at Walgreens headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois.

A couple of years later, Mark visited a friend in West Hollywood. "I had the immediate impression that West Hollywood was a community that supports diversity at many levels and takes pride in its multiculturalism. It didn't take me long to know that this is where I wanted to put down roots." And that is exactly what he did. He is happily married and the father of a 2½-year-old who keeps him on his toes! As the eldest sibling, Mark is incredibly grateful to have his two sisters, two brothers, and their families living nearby.
Now a resident of West Hollywood for 20 years, Mark has consistently worked to improve our community, starting with his home within a sixty-unit condominium complex. As president of the HOA, he recognized the building's potential and facilitated extensive improvements that made it safer, more accessible, and more energy-efficient. As one resident put it, "It was the worst complex on the block, and now it has a modern and expanded lobby, a new roof, new windows and balconies, and A/C system." The renovations took vision, effort, persistence, and collaboration. Mark worked with his neighbors to understand their needs, exchange ideas, and rally support. He raised money, handled the remodeling logistics, and ensured that projects stayed on schedule, on budget, and in compliance with building permit regulations. Through this experience, Mark honed his communication, negotiation, community organizing, and budgeting skills, to name a few.

Mark is also deeply invested in improving the cultural and recreational opportunities available to West Hollywood residents. In 2015, Mark joined the West Hollywood Russian Advisory Board. He is actively involved in cultural and art events like International Women's Day, Victory in Europe Day, and the Russian Art Festival. Mark proposed and is currently engaged in the creation of the Virtual Museum of the History of Russian Immigration in West Hollywood. Additionally, finding our community lacked any adult soccer team, he took the initiative to organize a soccer club. For the last few years, the club regularly plays just outside the city limits.

Mark's life, full of trials and turns, geopolitical upheaval, and transcontinental moves, shaped him into a resilient, positive leader. He is adaptive, able to take on new challenges and face unprecedented times. Mark perseveres; he sees a problem and doesn't give up until it is resolved. Mark is ready to address the ever-changing issues confronting the city of West Hollywood.
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