The city can do more to increase its affordable housing stock.
  • Expand the West Hollywood tenants advocacy center
    • Renters can receive assistance on resolving complaints and disputes
    • Renters can obtain guidance to Section 8 programs
    • Assist renters in fighting landlords that implement the Ellis Act for evictions
    • Continue to uphold our current policies on rent control
    • Create a task force within the center to police landlords to make sure that these rent-controlled homes are well maintained in order to provide safe living environments
  • Establishing tougher Requirements for Developers
    • Impose a vetting process for large real estate developers and corporations who want to build in our city
    • Force developers to include 25-30% of affordable housing units for each project
    • Developers must integrate as much Green technology and building practices set forth with the WeHo Green Building Program with all new buildings and remodels. Providing developers and property owners with incentives to reach above the minimum requirements of green technology in new builds and remodels.
  • Repurposing creatively
    • Reuse empty commercial and office spaces that have the potential to be converted to affordable work/live spaces
    • Reevaluate unused land or land with dilapidated buildings to create potential new housing opportunities
  • Implement tough enforcement against short-term rentals as they directly contribute to increasing rent prices
  • Invite non-profit organizations that build affordable homes with a focus to sell to low and moderate-income first-time homeowners

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