A Better City Is Possible
Right now, in West Hollywood there are four major issues, which concurrently lowering the quality of live of our community members. These are safety concerns, isolation, poverty and unemployment due to COVID-19 crisis and lack of public transportation services. Our City Council must here the people needs, not just be a separate body interested only in development projects in the city. The only way to change our city for the better is not a silence, but joint efforts in the fight for our rights to a quality life. Join us.
As a city council member, I will work tirelessly, so that not only are my fellow residents heard but so that their demands are met as well.
My focus will be on improving residential quality of life, creating affordable childcare, improving education, improving a shortage of quality housing, building a vibrant and successful business sector, improving public safety, and ensuring transparency and efficiency in our city government.

While some of those running in this election have served on city council for many years, it is time for fresh voices to lead the changes for the residents and businesses of West Hollywood. We are living in a very changing and uncertain world and we need leadership that has the ability to make necessary changes NOW.

We know that there is room for much-needed improvement. I am determined to bring that improvement along with a fresh eye for the change needed. That is why I, Mark Farhad Yusupov, am running for the West Hollywood city council.
A Plan For A Change
As your new City Council member, my focus will be on improving the quality of life through the following initiatives:
  • There is no time like the present to reevaluate West Hollywood's overall economy. It is more urgent than ever to rebalance the city's economy to make it less heavily dependent on hospitality and nightlife.

  • We can diversify our economy by supporting all types of businesses that are integral to the neighborhood's current character and developing opportunities for new industries and business sectors. We can create welcoming environments for innovative start-ups and boutique shops alike.
  • We will reduce unwanted noise from hotels and other common sources and strictly enforce noise ordinances.

  • We need businesses and residents to work together so that we can all enjoy the neighborhood. We will improve the overall cleanliness of West Hollywood, including power washing the sidewalks and improving the regular maintenance of our entire community.
  • I plan to increase the number of Security Ambassadors that are deployed on bicycles and foot within the city and boost staffing in the Mental Evaluation Unit.

  • A focus on crime prevention will help to reduce police emergency calls. There should be increased community education and awareness about the dangers of domestic violence, human trafficking, and hate crimes.
  • I will propose a requirement for all registered city lobbyist information to be published regularly to reveal any special interests that influence our city government.

  • The city must streamline its expenses by evaluating its leases of un-owned property and ensuring it falls within the current market rate conditions. A fresh eye is needed to assess and possibly postpone non-essential projects.
  • I'll advocate for local businesses that offer affordable childcare and preschools, and propose creating additional after school programs based in the parks and recreation activities.

  • Let's create a West Hollywood Cultural and Educational Center that can also house programs for aspiring young leaders and groom a new, diverse generation that includes members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • I will restart a dialogue with the City of Los Angeles regarding the Poinsettia Park & Recreation Center's long-term lease so that WeHo can get an improved park and athletic fields for our residents to use.
  • We are all aware that the homelessness crisis has gotten way out of control, and neither West Hollywood nor Los Angeles can solve this on its own.

  • We must demand more funding from the federal government and work with our state and private sector partners to address homelessness, housing, mental healthcare, and substance abuse treatment.

  • West Hollywood must expand the tenants' advocacy center where renters can get assistance addressing complaints and resolving disputes and obtaining guidance to Section 8 programs.
Join Our Team of Volunteers
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Now is time for NEW voices to lead change in West Hollywood. I am determined to bring a fresh eye and needed improvements. Our campaign is grassroots, and I'm not accepting any contributions from real estate developers and large corporations.
Mark Farhad Yusupov, West Hollywood City Council Candidate
Now Is The Time For Change
Mark Farhad Yusupov for West Hollywood City Council
Vote on November 3, 2020
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