Bought a Multi Family home in 2016 in West Hollywood, CA
Sold a Condo home in 2016 in West Hollywood, CA

Mark Farhad Yusupov is a great real estate agent and I wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone looking to sell or buy a home. He is hard working, knowledgeable, organized, creative, honest and trustworthy - qualities that you need in large real estate transactions. He does deep market research, has great ability to spot and understand the details, and works with the client to understand their needs to create an appropriate strategy.

My experience conducting a sale with him was extremely positive. Mark and I discussed the condition of my place, reviewed market trends, and defined the selling strategy that would fit me most - i.e. what repairs to make (and not to make), how and when to market the place. Mark helped me to find and vet multiple vendors to complete the necessary tasks, came by to validate quality and ensure the proper pace. Mark's strategy and work paid off and we were able to sell at the highest price / square foot in my location with a very modest repair investment. He proved to be a great negotiator, and guided me through details to close the place rapidly. I've done this process many times in the past with other agents, but this is by far the best experience and results.